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HIMSS24 Europe, held in Rome from May 29 to May 31, is the go-to event for those eager to shape the future of healthcare through innovation and collaboration. It presents a unique opportunity for leaders in healthcare, technology, and policy-making to gather, learn, and exchange ideas on enhancing patient outcomes and strengthening workforces.
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The IHE-Catalyst presence
IHE-Catalyst is a Strategic Partner of the event.
Catalyst will be prominently featured with two key speech at the festival, underscoring its vital role in advancing interoperability standards in healthcare.

Lapo Bertini, who holds key positions within IHE, including IHE Europe Steering Committee, Board Member and Treasurer of IHE International and Board Member of IHE Catalyst, will focus on “the Interoperability of Medical Devices – Why Is It So Important?” – Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Alexander Berler, Strategic Business Development Director of IHE Catalyst, will talk about “Creating Tools to Unleash the Power of Interoperable Data” – Friday, May 31, 2024

Discussion points
Mr. Bertini brings profound insights into the IHE advantage and how this can benefit medical devices. He will discuss on how the adoption of standards-based interoperability solutions for healthcare systems improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Dr. Berler will focus on the utilization of interoperable data, discussing how the move towards cross-border exchange of health data will be supported by the European Health Data Space, and the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format. They will also look at other initiatives reliant on efficient interoperability, including the International Patient Summary, with a focus on principles of open access and transparency.

The HIMSS24 Europe not only offers a platform for IHE Intwrnational to share its insights but also a chance to influence the ongoing transformations within the global health ecosystem, making it an essential event for stakeholders aiming to drive significant change in healthcare systems worldwide.