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IHE-Catalyst at RADICAL HEALTH FESTIVAL 2024 - It's critical to be radical!

Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024, scheduled for May 21-23, is set to redefine the future of healthcare. This year’s event is centered around the theme of prevention and precision at a large scale, envisioning a world where health is a lifelong journey with early risk identification and personalized care for every individual.

The 2024 programme delves into the intersection of prevention and precision, advocating for a bold leadership approach to foster this paradigm shift. The agenda focuses on three pivotal pillars:

  1. People: Shifting from technology-centric solutions to people-centric approaches, placing humans at the forefront of digital transformation in healthcare.
  2. Innovation: Re-evaluating innovation frameworks to expedite the incorporation of advanced technologies into clinical practices.
  3. Data: Transforming data into actionable insights for better prevention, precision, and equity in healthcare.
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The IHE-Catakyst and HL7 Workshop

Ihe -Catalyst is a partner of the event.
Alexander Berler, Strategic Business Development Director, IHE Catalyst, will discuss on this hot topic with

“How to better implement Health Information Exchange projects in the context of the new EHDS Regulation?”

The objective of this workshop, co-designed by IHE-Catayst and HL7-Europe, is the present and review best practices for implementing complex healthcare digital transformation projects. In a response to new needs after COVID-19 pandemic, the European Union launched in May 2022 a proposal for a new regulation for the establishment of the European Health Data Space (EHDS), which aims to improve individuals’ access to and control over their personal electronic health data, while also enabling certain data to be reused for public interest, policy support, and scientific research purposes. The EHDS provides a health-specific data environment that will help foster a single market for digital health services and products. This session will address key aspects that need to be taken into account when designing interoperability projects in the new era of the EHDS.

Discussion points

  • How will Xt-EHR contribute to the implementation of EHDS in Europe?
    Prof. Christos Schizas, National eHealth Authority, and Xt-EHR Coordinator, Cyprus

  • What are the new opportunities for the European single digital market?
    Martin Dorazil, Deputy Head of Unit, C1, DG Santé, Belgium

  • What is openEHR and how it can support EHDS?
    Hanna Pohjonen, eHealth Management Consultant and Founder, Rosaldo Oy, Finland

  • Modern, developer-friendly APIs with HL7 FHIR
    Mikael Rinnetmäki, Sensotrend Oy & HL7 Finland

  • OMOP: Optimizing data for research.
    Marianna Niemi, Project Manager, HUS, Finland

  • The need for structured interoperability frameworks across Europe: Testing continuum best practices from around the world
    Alexander Berler, Strategic Business Development Director, IHE Catalyst, Greece

More than just a healthcare conference, the Radical Health Festival in Helsinki is a call to action for everyone involved in healthcare, technology, policymaking, and those passionate about health improvement. It’s a place to challenge the status quo and collaborate with like-minded changemakers.

IHE serves as the glue for various standards and organizations, making it essential for us to participate in this event. We are eager to contribute our experience and knowledge and to be part of the change toward interoperability.