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IHE-EUROPE CONNECTATHON 2024 - The five-day 'connectivity marathon' for testing the interoperability in health.

IHE Catalyst at Connectathon 2024: A Focus on the Testing Continuum and The Capacity HD Masterclass sessions on Interoperability Challenges

We are thrilled to announce that IHE Catalyst will be actively participating in the IHE Connectathon 2024 in Trieste, from 3 to 7 June 2024.
This year, IHE Catalyst will feature key contributions from renowned experts Alexander Berler, Lapo Bertini, and Claudio Saccavini, who will delve into the crucial topic of the Testing Continuum during the Experience Day and discuss CapacityHD Masterclass Sessions on Interoperability Challenges

CapacityHD Masterclass Sessions on Interoperability Challenges
As part of the Connectathon Week, the CapacityHD Masterclass will offer an invaluable opportunity for attendees to enhance their understanding of interoperability challenges in the healthcare sector. CapacityHD is dedicated to facilitating knowledge exchange among EU and EFTA nations, empowering them to utilize health data effectively through peer-to-peer support and specialized masterclasses.

In the masterclasses we focus on niche health data topics, targeting professionals involved in digital health services, policymakers, eHealth leaders, and those advancing digital skills in healthcare.

CapacityHD Masterclass Key Sessions and Topics

  • “EU Policy on Health Interoperability in Europe”, led by tutors Eamon Coyne, Caitriona Wray, Alexander Berler, and Jürgen Brandstätter; this session will provide insights into the latest policies shaping health interoperability across Europe.
  • Testing Continuum”, this crucial session will be led by experts Daniel Berezeanu, Alexander Berler, and Claudio Saccavini, discussing the comprehensive testing process from Plugathon to Projectathon and Connectathon.


Experience Day Highlights

During the second day session of Experience Day, attendees will be treated to a keynote session on the “Testing Continuum”, featuring Lapo Bertini, Member of the IHE-Catalyst board and director of Interoperability Product Strategy at Dedalus Italy. This session will demonstrate the practical application of the testing continuum, showcasing how data in action can enhance interoperability efforts.

Following, Claudio Saccavini, IHE Catalyst Managing Director, will moderate the session “Data in action: “Demonstrating the testing continuum in practice”:

  • Italian use case – Giulio Siccardi, AGENAS National Agency for Regional Health Services
  • LACpass use case – Fernando Portilla, Foundation Member at RACSEL Network
  • Hajj use case – Carl Leitner, WHO and Monief Eid, MoH Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Senegal use case – Nils Kaiser, Founder and Principal Advisor kaikai – ICT4D and Digital Development
  • Pancanadian patient summary – Attila Farkas, Canada Health Infoway

Join us at the IHE Connectathon 2024 to gain deep insights into the Testing Continuum and engage with leading experts in the field. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to advance your knowledge and skills in health interoperability!