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Projectathon is a testing session dedicated to a specific deployment project, utilizing a set of IHE Profiles in their interoperability specifications.


IHE-Catalyst actively supports Projectathons, enabling, promoting, and activating them by engaging with communities, managing, and developing these events.

Catalyst participates in the testing sessions, contributes resources like technical expertise and testing tools, collaborates to address interoperability challenges, and implements improvements based on feedback received.

Through Projectathons, Catalyst collects market problems and conveys them to IHE International, supporting the process of creating profiles with universal aims/validation and deploying use testing systems. The primary goal is to resolve market problems and enhance industry interoperability.


Projectathons for users, government, and vendors promote interoperability testing, problem-solving, collaboration, and networking among participants. They provide crucial feedback for system improvement, encourage standardization and compliance, and prepare vendors for certification. Ultimately, Projectathons ensure efficient technology deployment, leading to a more reliable and effective technology ecosystem.

In summary, Projectathons offer a collaborative and practical approach to ensure smooth interoperability, address market challenges, and create a more efficient and reliable technology solution ecosystem for users, government bodies, and vendors.


  The benefits of Projectathons include saving time for vendors during testing and users during field deployment, cost savings for vendors with on-the-fly corrections, boosting users’ confidence levels, reducing risks for both users and vendors, and improving operational efficiency for enhanced patient care.   Projectathons allow customized test plans and testing tools for deployment projects and can serve as a preliminary event before conformity assessment, quality labeling, or certification processes. The initiative for Projectathons typically originates from regional, national, or international bodies seeking to align vendors and users for comprehensive testing throughout the transaction chain. The tests conducted during Projectathons accelerate each publisher’s solution development, with on-site support from the Agency’s interoperability experts. These events also offer a valuable opportunity for the Agency to refine testing tools, meet with fellow vendors, and enable users to agree on their needs while expediting the validation process and addressing issues or errors on the fly.
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