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Tests System

IHE Catalyst delivers expertise and skills for a rigorous testing system to accelerate the adoption of testing procedures.

In today’s complex and global health ecosystem, Catalyst is well aware of the challenges and provides clear guidance to all stakeholders across the system.



The aim is to offer testing services throughout the year, covering different types of resources. IHE Catalyst provides consulting services to governments, assisting them in organizing and prioritizing their tasks. It can efficiently organize politically favorable initiatives and continuously develops new features to enhance its services. IHE Catalyst offers professional execution and setup of the Connectathon for vendors. Moreover, it maintains and develops the Sharazone systems. For users, it provides expert execution and setup of the projectathons.

With capability and skillfulness, Catalyst supports, enables, and deploys the evolution of the Gazelle Test Platform to a third generation of test tools, creating an adaptable test bed with increased flexibility in test plans. In today’s complex and diverse health ecosystem, utilizing the right test tools is strategic for the stakeholders and IHE Catalyst itself. Hence, Catalyst delivers and enables tooling for testing, with Gazelle being the core tool system at a global level.

Catalyst defines a clear roadmap and test path to ensure interoperability and accelerate the process on a large scale. It possesses the competence, skills, and reliability to manage, provide, and control interoperability tests, thereby supporting and enabling the value of the Testing Continuum system, which forms the backbone for quality in products and deployments.
IHE Catalyst continues the legacy of IHE-Services by supporting IHE members, national/regional authorities, local projects, or any other organizations that deploy IHE profiles for their e-health projects.

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