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Catalyst is an activator and enabler of digital health efficiency and innovation in interoperable healthcare processes.

It offers a broad range of support services for interoperability to enabling processes of evolution in healthcare.





Similar to a catalyst in a chemical reaction, it plays a vital role in sharing practical, real-world testing tools and practices from around the world. It acts as a coordinating and operational focal point in various phases of the process, supporting the global healthcare community in accelerating the adoption of standards to enhance interoperability on a global scale.

By promoting the deployment and adoption of IHE Standards, Catalyst speeds up the implementation of key use cases and provides guidelines at the point of care. It serving stakeholders in addressing new needs and challenges within the interoperability framework by offering solutions, tools, and strategies.

Furthermore, Catalyst supports participants in developing use cases, facilitates the recruitment of testing partners, organizes meetings and events, and ensures timely global feedback into the standards development process. This feedback informs and updates organizational roadmaps, drives strategic decisions, and efficiently allocates resources to accelerate the development of standards-based information exchange.

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