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IHE ecosystem support


The IHE Catalyst, in addition to a strategic and political approach, serve also as the operational arm of IHE globally. It supports National Initiatives, formalizes national conformity schemes, and collaborates with and provides support to IHE Domains.
This process requires becoming a policy, as it involves government issues and is a vendor requirement. The Catalyst focuses on Projectathons, recognizing their significance and aiding IHE International in creating real-life healthcare-based IHE Profiles.


Projects bring valuable real-world experiences to technical IHE Committees, facilitating the development of Profiles that address market problems. In the evolving healthcare interoperability ecosystem, the Projectathon gains greater importance than the IHE Connectathon, as individuals blend their projects and utilize IHE profiles, creating an ecosystem of observation and competition.

Ultimately, vendors will return to the Connectathon for centralized testing. The IHE Catalyst strategically supports Connectathon renewal and Projectathon execution, emphasizing the importance of incorporating project outcomes into relevant technical committees. This approach ensures real-world relevance and addresses policy and governance aspects.

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