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Balance & Trasparency

Catalyst, as a key player in the IHE ecosystem, holds paramount importance in maintaining balance and transparency among its components while offering a global perspective. Operating behind the scenes, its actions are essential for the ecosystem’s success. Catalyst’s integration and value generation complement participants’ efforts, characterized by accountability, clarity, and equidistance.


In the realm of digital health efficiency and innovation, Catalyst acts as an activator, facilitating interoperability in healthcare processes. IHE Catalyst supports the IHE technical committee in developing integration profiles aimed at solving real life information exchange needs. It functions in an operational role supporting, facilitating, and managing the IHE testing system with testing tools, testing governance and testing events.

Furthermore, IHE Catalyst plays a pivotal role as an enabler in the interoperability processes, harmonizing stakeholders and upholding IHE principles. It listens to and supports the global healthcare community, accelerating the adoption of standards for enhanced interoperability on a global scale.


The test system is a critical aspect, and Catalyst enables robust tooling for testing. In a complex and global ecosystem, using the right test tools becomes strategic. Gazelle serves as the core tool system, allowing Catalyst to operate globally. By supporting the evolution of Gazelle into a third-generation test bed, Catalyst ensures a versatile platform for interoperability testing.

On the operational front, Catalyst actively supports National Initiatives in their tasks, executes and enhances the Connectathon process, maintains and develops Sharazone, and expertly manages Projectathons. Additionally, Catalyst provides consulting services to governments, assisting them in organizing and prioritizing their actions.
Overall, Catalyst’s significant impact and proactive approach make it an indispensable force in advancing digital health efficiency and innovation in interoperability.

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