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IHE Catalyst add VALUE to the IHE Ecosystem

“IHE-Catalyst is a not-for-profit company that acts as an activator for standards based health information exchange (HIE), digital health efficiency and innovation in interoperability healthcare processes, supporting the global healthcare community in accelerating the adoption of standards to enhance interoperability and provide implementable HIE architectures worldwide.

Acting as a catalyst like in a chemical formula, IHE-Catalyst enables interoperability processes by harmonizing and maintaining balance among stakeholders, creating HIE ecosystems, organizing testing events, thus driving the evolution of interoperability specifications while upholding IHE principles and methodologies.


IHE Catalyst supports the IHE technical committee in developing integration profiles aimed at solving real life information exchange needs. It functions in an operational role supporting, facilitating, and managing the IHE testing system with testing tools, testing governance and testing events. It also supports National Initiatives and governments in their strategic tasks, enabling and implementing the evolution of IHE testing tools, i.e. Gazelle into a third generation of test tools. “



To be the trusted catalyst and unbiased master in (healthcare) interoperability processes, enabling seamless data exchange and innovation at a global level, for improved patient outcomes and concretely propelling the healthcare industry into a connected, accountable and collaborative future.

To encourage the global healthcare community to accelerate the adoption and implementation of standards, we strive to harmonize stakeholders, drive the evolution of interoperability, solve market problems through integration profiles, and facilitate the development of test tools. We serve as a coordinating and operational point to enable these efforts.



Capabilities values today are primarily centered around managing, supporting, and controlling tests (TC) and test tools (IHE Gazelle). This aspect has emerged as a central focus for Catalyst.

The operational mindset define a distinct attitude of Catalyst that sets it apart within the IHE ecosystem. This attribute is a significant part of its identity.
The interoperability cluster is a foundational pillar in Catalyst’s business model, closely tied to its operational approach.

Catalyst’s role as an accelerator in enabling interoperability is a top priority and forms the core of the company’s assets, including test system management and support.
Neutrality, Accountability, Transparency are crucial values of Catalyst, characterized by a balanced and transparent approach. Catalyst strongly upholds the IHE Principles through its actions. Moreover, the global perspective defines Catalyst’s open-minded outlook.

The attitude mindset values have also developed over time. In the past, these values focused on Catalyst’s neutrality within the IHE ecosystem and its unique identity in relation to IHE.

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